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    My absolute favourite pizza place in bristol! I love the fact that they use halal beef pepperoni since you don’t see that often! And they make the pizza dough fresh!

    10/10 would recommend for a takeout pizza! Matter of fact I’m gonna order a pizza after I make this review..

    Laith “Mr.chips”

    Very patient staff 🙂 It took me ages to decide what to have! Ended up with juicy BBQ sauce chicken wings and a medium pizza, which is actually large in comparison to most other places, pepperoni, peppers sweetcorn and mushroom.

    The sauce is lovely and rich 🙂 The dough is delicious! Crispy and fluffy inside. Yum and thanks very much 🙂

    Helen McBride

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    Monday – Saturday 
     5PM – 2AM
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